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Since his arrival in the UK in 1990, Nii has been on a mission to spread his love, passion and wisdom of African arts and culture by exploring, developing and passing on to future generations, traditional artistic expressions using music, dance, poetry and ritual. His teaching is underpinned by a longing to project a more positive image of Africa where the history of humanity begun and to dispel the myths and negative stereotypes of the African continent and its people. Through this, he cultivates a sense of self-awareness within the individual and a global awareness of Africa and its rich cultural heritage.

Why are the people of the continent 'poor' when Africa has abundant resources including diamonds, gold and oil? What is the difference between a thatched cottage and a mud hut? How has recycling been a way of life and what is the sacred nature of some of the instruments? Why when using the skin of an animal for a drum must the spirit of the animal be honoured and respected?

Speaking of old traditions and sharing the wisdom of the forefathers, Nii explores the creative process with students including – melody, phrase and poetry. In movement he

explores the transfer of energy to different parts of the body, the healing power of music and how to manage multiple rhythms with different parts of the body at the same time.


Nii has facilitated workshops, regular sessions and residencies, choreographed bespoke shows and performances around the world at festivals, in private venues, in schools, those for children with special needs and pupil referral units. The power of Nii's teaching style is centred around tailor-made programmes that are accessible for any age and ability. This means each class will be unique and responsive to the needs of those present.


Group &

Private Tuition


If you're interested in learning drumming, dancing, music-making, storytelling and more about African wisdom and culture then you've come to the right place. To book Nii, Sankofa (Asia), or Frititi (rest of the world) please have a look at the teaching packages examples and get in touch with us directly.

Brixton, London Class


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic classes are suspended until further notice. Nii's regular London class has been running for almost 2 decades. It takes place weekly on Tuesday evenings from 8 pm-10 pm at Brixton Recreation Centre, 27 Brixton Station Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8QQ, United Kingdom. Please check Frititi's Facebook page for updates.

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